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University IT Service Catalogue


Computing Services for new staff

Information For Users Of The Service Catalogue

The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

For the most up-to-date information regarding IT Services at the University of Cambridge, please visit:

Your institution's IT staff meet your day-to-day IT needs, whilst University Information Services (UIS) support University wide services. 

UIS staff are here to help you make effective use of IT during your time spent studying at Cambridge.

Our friendly service desk staff provide system-specific support, and we offer an extensive programme of free training courses to help you develop your IT skills while you are here - find out more by contacting the UIS Service Desk.

* Your institution may receive more day-to-day IT support from UIS if it does not have its own computer officer(s). 

Your CRSid (username)

Everyone at the University is given a unique CRSid (Common Registration Scheme identifier). It is your username while at the University, and forms the first part of your Cambridge email address. CRSids take the form of your initials and a randomly assigned number, e.g. fjc55.

Your UIS password

Your CRSid password is the single password you will use for your raven, Hermes email and Desktop Services account.

If you have collected your UIS accounts before you arrived, you need to nothing more. If you have not, collect and activate your accounts as soon as possible: Staff Registration

Your Hermes email account

Hermes is the University's email system. Your email address will be your CRSid (i.e. your Cambridge username) followed by, e.g.

Once you have created your UIS password, you will be able to access your Hermes inbox using the webmail interface, or by configuring an email client on your computer.

See Hermes Webmail for more information on managing your Hermes email account.

University Wireless Network

The University Wireless Network provides mobile connectivity to many public areas throught the city centre. You can connect to the ’UniOfCam’ access points with your Raven login.

Provision of printing, copying and scanning services from any computer connected to UoC network is available to staff and students. for more information, see:

The UIS offers remote access services to allow members of the University to be able to connect to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) when working outside of University buildings. 

Information on the service can be found at Remote and Mobile Device Access.

There are a number of data storage solutions available for staff. For more information on the data storage solution to meet your needs, see Servers, Data Storage and Backup.

University Systems & Management Reporting

The UIS provide support for business systems and common administrative functions, including reports on service usage, quality and costs. To access the systems, see:

Moodle is the virtual learning environment that we provide for staff and students to teach courses and store learning materials online. For more information and to log in to the Moodle system, see:

CamTools has been retired and replaced by a new system, Moodle.

Every member of University institutions can download the McAfee antivirus software. This is provided free of charge by the University. and will protect your computer against viruses and other malware programs.

To access the service, see Information and Infrastructure Protection.