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University IT Service Catalogue


Central Systems and Management Reporting

Information For Users Of The Service Catalogue

The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

For the most up-to-date information regarding IT Services at the University of Cambridge, please visit:

Common Administrative Services

Reporting tools and online solutions to aid document, event and performance management.

Document Management

Document Management solutions support activities from group collaboration and sharing, as well as formal record management with appropriate controls, search capabilities, workflow and long term storage.  Some solutions can be integrated into existing websites or linked...

Event Management Software

UIS offer a number of services for Event Management including coordinating events, receiving payments, and supporting large scale festivals.

Management Reporting

Uiniversity Information Services (UIS) provide Management Reporting tools for performance management. Management reporting helps to monitor and improve the efficiency of various business processes. UIS helps institutions to create appropriate documentation from simple reports to ...

Online Application Forms

University Information Services (UIS) provide a service to develop online application forms for a variety of activities including staff and student recruitment, registration, status changes and other processes. These can be built on an existing framework or form, or designed as a...

Facility Services

Estate Management resources to procure efficient and effective University maintenance.

Estate Management Tools


The Estate Management (EM) Department of the University provides various tools and systems for their staff by way of a Resource Bank.

The aim of this Resource Bank is to...

Finance Administration

Bespoke solutions, products and software development to improve the University Financial System(s).

Finance Administration Support


The University Financial System (UFS) encompasses financial accounting, research grant accounting and financial management reporting.

The University uses the Oracle e-Business suite as its main financial system which is owned by the Finance Division who provide functional...

Human Resources Administration

Everything you need to know about University HR, Employee and Recruitment services and support.

HR and Payroll Administration


The HR and Payroll Administration service provides facilities to pay permanent employees and workers, as well as temporary/part-time lecturers. Departmental administrators can access the system directly to view and update staff records. Employee can access...


For institutions in the University, the Recruitment service provides an automated two-way facility to fill University offices and posts.

Administrators can advertise vacancies and process applicants for those vacancies. Colleges and affiliated institutions have the option...

Research Administration

Research tools and systems to help users meet the Full Economic Costing model (fEC) requirements.

Research Administration Central Services

A range of systems used by Unified Administration Services (UAS) to centrally administer research grants.

Research Costing Service

University Information Services (UIS) provide tools to assist administrators and researchers with the costing, pricing and monitoring of grant proposals to meet the requirements of the Full Economic Costing model (fEC).

Research Information Services

A variety of tools/systems that user can employ to obtain information that assists them with their grant applications, to manage grants after activation or to review grant activity.

Student Administration

Maintaining continuity and development for students by provision of administrational interfaces.

Applicant, Student and Alumni Administration & Information Management


This service manages student records from initial application through to graduation. It is delivered through the Cambridge Student Information Services application CamSIS, which provides a full record of admissions, registrations, study progress,...

Data Interfaces

The data interface services provide a mechanism for you to import data from the University's central applicant, student and alumni administration systems in to your local databases.  The service provides both a direct Oracle database connection (ODBC) to pull data in to a local system and...

Faculty Exam Services

A range of Faculty based services for the processing and marking of exams including submission to University systems.

Faculty Job Application Services

A range of Faculty based services for application services for staff, graduate and other vacancies.

Graduate Funding

Graduate funding administration services provide institutions with the tools to present funding opportunities to Graduate applicants. Applications for funding can then be reviewed and scored.


The Timetable service allows departments to publish courses, parts, modules and events.  It provides you with the ability to publish a complex timetable, in a modular fashion, that is accessible and personalised to each individual student and lecturer.