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Research Grant Expenditure Application

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The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

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The Research Grant Expenditure Application is designed to allow PIs and their delegates to manage research grant financials (budget, expenditure, commitment, balance) via a simple to use web interface. The application is Raven-protected and will identify the user role and permissions as soon as they are authenticated, before presenting them with a filtered view of the Awards and Projects that they are allowed to view.

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits 
  • secured by Raven & easily accessible
  • users automatically presented with a summary of their Awards / Projects
  • allows manual commitments (e.g. for staff costs or equipment ) to be added
  • simple drill-down from Award & Project level all the way down to individual expenditure items.
  • early identification of potential underspend / overspend
  • forecasts expenditure to the end of the grant
  • multiple graphical outputs available
  • data refreshed from CUFS overnight
  • highly flexible delegations capability

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? 

This service is free of charge.

How Do I Get This Service?

How do I get this service? 

Access to the system is not automatic and is only provided on request. If you wish to access this application, please contact your administrator and ask them to complete the Access Request Form.

How Quickly Can I Get This Service?

How quickly can I get this service? 

Access will generally be granted within 24 hours of a completed Access Request Form.

Support Details & Contact Information

Support Details & Contact Information 

All initial contact must be directed via email to


Emails received outside of helpdesk hours will be logged the next working day.

(for opening times, see Supported Service Hours)

Available Service Hours

When is this service available? 

The service is accessible 24/7 apart from scheduled downtime for site maintenance.

Supported Service Hours

Supported Service Hours 

Support is offered during normal working hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 5pm

(except during UK Bank Holidays and University closures)

Emails received outside helpdesk hours will be logged the next working day.

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