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Student Administration Service (CamSIS)

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The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

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The Cambridge Student Information System (CamSIS) is the University’s electronic system for handling student information, records and transactions, from initial contact and application all the way through to graduation. It is a single shared system, with one record per student.

All data is entered directly by University and College staff, the students themselves, or downloaded by organisations such as the University and Colleges Administration Services (UCAS).

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits 

CamSIS provides all users with a current record of student data. Changes to entries are displayed immediately, ensuring the database is always up to date.

With access permission, the service enables University staff to:

  • access all necessary student information in one central place
  • view applications as soon as they are entered or downloaded from UCAS Information
  • carry out many time-consuming processes that were formerly paper-based more swiftly and efficiently
  • create statutory returns (such as the HESA and HEFCA returns) with partial automation.

The service allows students to:

  • manage their application to the University of Cambridge
  • manage their personal details
  • read supervision reports and request official transcripts
  • look up exam details and grades.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? 

This service is free of charge to University staff and students.

How Do I Get This Service?

How do I get this service? 

Access to CamSIS requires both a CamSIS Account and a Raven password. Please download and complete one of the forms below to create, amend or disable a CamSIS account:

Note: Before completing the CamSIS User Registration Form, please ensure that you have read the Data Protection quick guide 'Putting the Data Protection Principles into Practice'.

The CamSIS Helpdesk will process your completed form. You can submit your form through the post, by email or fax.

CamSIS Helpdesk

University Information Service
Roger Needham Building
7 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge, CB3 0RB

Fax: 01223 (7)66939

How Quickly Can I Get This Service?

How quickly can I get this service? 

It can take up to 5 working days for new user accounts to be set up, and up to two working days for changes to existing user accounts.

Support Details & Contact Information

Support Details & Contact Information 

Contact the CamSIS Helpdesk by email or phone.

Tel: 01223 (7)64999

Online training in how to use CamSIS is available on the CamSIS website.

For problems using the Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS) please contact the CGSRS helpdesk instead:


(for opening times, see Supported Service Hours)

Available Service Hours

When is this service available? 

CamSIS is accessible 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance or unplanned downtime.

Supported Service Hours

Supported Service Hours 

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5pm

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