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Information For Users Of The Service Catalogue

The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

For the most up-to-date information regarding IT Services at the University of Cambridge, please visit:

The Lookup directory provides contact information about individuals and institutions which are part of the University or are formally associated with it. You must have an active Raven or Raven4Life account to view the web interface. You can access the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) interface from any computer system connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN).

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits 

Initial information about everyone who currently holds a UIS account is made available in the Lookup directory when their accounts are first created. The information is used by other IT systems and services within the University. This includes:

  • Display name as it appears in Hermes email.
  • Institutional phone number(s) are included in the printed University Phone Book.
  • Access to some institutional services and resources may be determined by membership of appropriate groups in Lookup.

Users will see different versions of the Lookup directory depending on whether they have a Raven or a Raven4Life account.

Individual users can

Editors and managers associated with an Institution can also edit information about the institution and its members.

Please note that due to legal restrictions the disclosure, export or transfer of personal data contained within the directory to any individual who does not currently have an active Raven account, or to any company or system outside of the CUDN is strictly prohibited.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? 

Access to the Lookup Directory is provided free of charge to

  • all University staff
  • students
  • accredited academic visitors
  • listed members of affiliated Institutions.

How Do I Get This Service?

How do I get this service? 

An initial entry containing information about individuals and institutions appears automatically in the Lookup directory when their records are created at UIS. 

How Quickly Can I Get This Service?

How quickly can I get this service? 

New personal records are added to Lookup overnight and are visible immediately. Changes and updates made to data appear as soon as the change is saved.

Support Details & Contact Information

Support Details & Contact Information 

Please contact UIS by email.

Data queries and corrections:

Technical queries please:

For opening times see Supported Service Hours.

Available Service Hours

When is this service available? 

The service is avaialable 24/7.

Supported Service Hours

Supported Service Hours 

The service is supported:

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5pm

(excluding UK Bank Holidays and University closures)

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