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Antivirus Management for Institutions

Information For Users Of The Service Catalogue

The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

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UIS run the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server for management of the current antivirus provision in institutions. This is currently McAfee Antivirus and is the University's product of choice. Institutional Support is offered on both Windows and Apple computers.


Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits 
  • free to staff and students - UIS run the ePolicy Orchestrator server for management of the current antivirus provision in institutions. Currently, McAfee Endpoint Security is our product of choice
  • in-house experts testing - all software and updates across supported platforms are tested before deployment to the estate (currently 10,000+ systems across the University)
  • easing IT staff workload - default option accepts UIS recommended settings and configuration thus, removing the support and configuration burden from local IT staff.

This provides:

  • best practice settings for products across supported platforms
  • testing of software and updates before deployment
  • automatic deployment of upgrades and patches

NB: depending on the degree of federation options taken, it may require institutional IT support staff to test all products and settings before they deploy products and updates locally.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? 

This service is free of charge.

Alternative Institution Support Charges are based on the standard UIS rates. Colleges and other non-university institutions will also incur VAT at the standard rate.

How Do I Get This Service?

How do I get this service? 

In the first instance, please make contact with the relevant Service Manager through the UIS Service Desk by email:

To download antivirus software please go to Antivirus information. The page has details of the current versions of all products and links to the download pages, as well as links to more general information on viruses, current alerts, hoaxes etc. The Antivirus versions available for downloading are preconfigured so that once installed they will automatically check and update virus definitions at regular intervals.

Alternatively, go directly to the PC downloads page or the Macintosh downloads page.

Please also see:

How Quickly Can I Get This Service?

How quickly can I get this service? 

Access to service is made available after an initial training session.

Experienced users of McAfee/Intel Security ePO can be given access within one working day.

Support Details & Contact Information

Support Details & Contact Information 

To contact the relevant Service Manager, please do so via the Service Desk:

Tel: 01223 332999

(for opening times please see Supported Service Hours)

Available Service Hours

When is this service available? 

The service runs 24/7 on highly resiliant virtual infrastructure.

Supported Service Hours

Supported Service Hours 

The service is supported:

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5pm

(excluding UK Bank Holidays and University closures)


Service for:

Service supplier