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ACN User Accounts

Information For Users Of The Service Catalogue

The University IT Service Catalogue will be decommissioned in the Summer of 2021. This website is no longer being maintained.  

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All members of Unified Administrative Services (UAS) are issued with an ACN user account, which is used to authenticate you against ACN network resources. The ACN user account is in addition to the Raven account that provides access to a number of University-wide resources.

Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits 

The ACN account provides a means of authentication for the following services:

  • ACN Email & Calendaring
  • ACN Desktop
  • ACN Remote Access

The account is associated with a specific username and email address and provides secure access to any PC on the network, as well as various remote access systems.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? 

This service is free of charge.

How Do I Get This Service?

How do I get this service? 

To request a new user account with your CRSid, go to the Requesting a New User Account page and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, please contact the UIS Service Desk

Tel:  01223 (3)32999

How Quickly Can I Get This Service?

How quickly can I get this service? 

New user accounts will be created within 3 - 5 working days, following receipt of your request.

Support Details & Contact Information

Support Details & Contact Information 

Please direct your queries to the UIS Service Desk via:


Tel: 01223 (3)32999

Websites: Existing ACN accounts 

Applying for a new ACN account

For opening times please see Supported Service Hours

Available Service Hours

When is this service available? 

ACN accounts are functional 24/7, unless restricted to specific working hours or during scheduled maintenence downtime.

Supported Service Hours

Supported Service Hours 

The service is supported:

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5pm

(excluding UK Bank Holidays and University closures)

Service for:

Service supplier